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Lawrence Short

More than 5,000 copies purchased, downloaded or borrowed on Amazon Kindle!

Cover: Fountains of the Deep

Larry’s first novel was published to the Amazon Kindle Select platform in January 2016. In the first week we sold or gave away nearly 500 copies, and many more have read it since then. A dozen reader reviews are available here, and following are some early reader comments:

"Couldn't put it down until my Kindle died. I should have fully charged it first."

"Larry's brain is full of really interesting things."

"Fountains was hard on the heart. In a good way. I had to stop reading it right before bedtime."

"My boyfriend's reading it on his phone. I couldn't get him to put it down."

When you've finished Fountains, please return to Amazon and give it your honest review. Thank you!

Classic Articles
The Trials of Leaping LizardRead Larry's first magazine article, The Trials of Leaping Lizard, which won a Beyond the MatterhornGuideposts Youth Writing Award in 1975.

Read the 1981 EPA national award winner, Beyond the Matterhorn.

Dudley KallochChildren's Stories

Larry’s grandfather, Dudley Kalloch, tells the amazing and inspiring story of a wise acorn, a compassionate pebble, and one very unlucky duck.

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What’s Larry working on right now?

Apocalypse working coverApocalypse is Larry’s first science fiction novel, and has been a decade in the planning. Four chapters (the first of three parts of the book) are now completed, and Larry hopes to finish the rest by the end of 2018.

You can now read more about Part 1 on my blog.



ShortChanged: Larry's newest blog* The Last Word is the leadership blog of Elim EV Free Church on South Hill, WA. The Crimson Worm is a biblical word-study blog, and ShBlog presents Larry’s personal reflections on life. Also please visit my newest blog, ShortChanged.




Larry’s Sermons (Audio)